Healthiest Diet Plan

It’s very important to have a healthy diet because a healthy diet is a key to success for becoming fit. If you are not taking healthy diet, then there is no mean to do exercise to maintain your body and if you are suffering from any disease than without a proper diet you will take a long time to recover.

All the doctors, trainers, health experts say to follow a healthy diet. If you have consulted an expert dietician then its ok but if you are not, then you are at the right place, this post is especially for you keep reading…

The Veggie version-

  • Start your day with great green hot coffee/tea which will energize you and gives you a good start.
  • Now the time to prepare the breakfast, have some oatmeals with fruit & nuts or simply have brown bread toasted with butter.
  • Before one hour of lunch have some small amount of fruit whichever you want an apple, mango, banana etc.
  • In lunch have some colorful items like cucumber/tomato/onion salad with 2-3 wheat chappatis and a bowl of well-cooked low oil green vegetables(sabzi) –with curry.
  • It’s time to have an evening snack, you have to choices, have a green tea or have a fruit whichever you want.
  • Finally at the end of the day after doing a lot of hectic works, have to give your soul a divine taste with a cup of rice, a bowl of vegetable curry, 1-2 chappatis with lots of green or fruit salad, end it with a glass of lukewarm water or a cup of green tea which helps you to digest the food.

I suggest you have deserts at the end of day meal ones in a weak, junk food if you want twice in a month. Do not take high calory and high sugar food or drink.

You can also add some more healthy items in it according to you an make it more interesting to have day by day because if you take regular same diet you will gonna fed up with that.


The Non-Veggie version-

  • One cup of green tea in the morning.
  • In breakfast have one glass of juice with bread omelet.
  • After one hour of breakfast have some fruits like grapes, banana, apple, mango etc.
  • Make your lunch with fried fish (well cooked) with rice or bread or chappati.
  • In the evening take a cup of green tea or soup whatever you want.
  • In dinner take fried fish or 1 piece of chicken with steamed broccoli or any leafy vegetables, lots of salad. And in the end, have a cup of ice cream.

This is all about from my side and I think if you follow this simple diet plan you will make yourself more healthy and fit.


Thanks for reading…