“Don’t let your stress overcome you.
Simply breathe and it will be okay because You don’t quit”


Stress is the worst disease, I call it a disease because it ruins a person life and makes life worst. A person can easily get rid of stomach pain, fever, and other common disease but stress is that feeling which a person lives. You can’t control it when it’s at the peak. I have never heard anybody who has benefited by medicine, in my knowledge no medicine is made for it who completely cure it because when you take medicine it gives relief just for some time and after some time it comes back. And makes you medicine addicted nothing else and result will be zero.

Let me tell you my own experience, Two years back I was a little fatty. I feel shy to attend parties because of my tummy which looks very much ugly. Peoples comment on my tummy, make a joke of that. I feel so stressed and depressed because nothing works which I tried to reduce my tummy. I stop attending parties get together and everybody says what happens, are you ok. But who knows the problem, it’s in my mind undefeatable stress which occurs, again and again, make my strength weak. I was so alone and as I have said nothing was working for my tummy and mind. Then I started searching online in hope that something will surely help me but I found false deals for weight loss and nothing to get rid of stress. Just one person who commented on a blog guided me that nothing will work, you have to make your own mind power powerful and increase your strength to fight this disease. He also mentioned that just do regular exercise and eat healthily. These two things strike my mind and I started releasing my stress in cycling and running. After some time I saw tremendous changes in myself, in my looks, behavior, and habits.

For getting rid of this worst feeling disease “Stress”, we have to change our lifestyle, make some changes in our daily routine, habits, food and other activities.

  • Exercise

I think its the most important thing to do when you are in any mental trouble, it helps you to release stress through exercise. It will also give you strength to fight with this kind of disease because when you have nobody to listen and no one who understand your feeling then exercise will grab you all tension and gives you healthy body. I am not saying to do heavy exercises, just do some normal exercise like walking, cycling, yoga and other simple exercises which help you to project your stress on machines and heal you. If you do meditation, it is the best thing which helps people who are under stress.

  • Eat Healthily

Eating healthy will not only improve your body, it will also give inner power to your body. If you are taking balanced diet according to a dietician it helps. Why I said, dietician because a dietician will analyze your condition and tells you a proper diet which helps in getting rid of a disease and energize your body. A healthy diet will make you feel happy, gives good thoughts, your mind feel fresh.

  • Calm Down

In stress, its most common thing that you feel angry and behave irritated. Just calm down and stop thinking whatever you are thinking because thinking is the root of stress. You have to cut the connection of thoughts from the root by meditations process so that you feel normal. Otherwise, it will overcome you and you feel very much stressed, you have to stop thinking about that thing which makes your mind feel uncomfortable. Just think what you like most it would be a dish, place or situation whatever it just makes you feel comfortable. Eliminate the causes of your stress which pinch you.

  • Talk It Through

Visit your best ones talk to them release your mind flood and see what happens. It’s not mean that he/she will give you some solution, its only for your satisfaction that you have shared your problem with at least someone who calmly listened to you. Share as much you can, as much you make empty your mind you will ready to think new thoughts.

My advice is to you is engage yourself in some loving work which you like most, it could be work, hobby or anything which you like. Just feel happiness around you, think different and write your thoughts.

I hope this post will give you a little help in getting rid of Stress.

Thanks for reading…