‘Habit’ is a daily repeated routine of behavior (Behavioral Addiction).

In psychology, habits are the pattern of thinking which works parallel to your daily routine (sometimes it becomes part of our life). Basically, it’s a mental effect which your brain perform again and again in the same manner on same repeated time, especially when you are in a tension or sometimes without desire.

Some of them Habits are good but some of them are bad for you. According to me we easily grab bad habits rather the good ones. And if we would like to maintain a healthy lifestyle to become wealthy, we have to overcome these bad habits and convert them into the good ones.

Old habits are very difficult to leave if we want to get rid of them, but newly made habits are easy because we are less addicted to them. But if we set a goal and make a resolution to get rid of them, then we can easily leave any kind of bad habit we have.

How it works “making and breaking of Habits”?

High probability of making a habit is when you are in frustration or in tension, sometimes its have other reasons too because habit works as a substitute for that feeling, and gives you instant relief from them. It basically imprints it on your subconscious mind that this is the best way to get rid of frustration and tension.

Here the subconscious mind works, have you heard about it. It is the strongest condition of mind which can make a person fly if he can train its subconscious mind.

Normally we heard types of addictions like smoking, drinking, drugs taking and some other kind of dangerous addictions. Nervousness also plays an important role in making habits.

But it is hard to train that’s why most people fail to get rid of these kinds of habitual addictions which sometimes cause death.

Don’t worry about it because Nothing is “I M POSSIBLE

I will help you to train your brain so that you can easily convert bad habits into good ones.

My first advice is to you is just give yourself some time, sit alone think calmly what you have done and what you want to do. Do not make any false promise to yourself, because it will break easily.

Just Give Some Time

I will guide you, it’s not a tricky thing, it takes time because it’s not a small work (Converting bad habits into good). Just give yourself time and give me too. Do some meditation, relax your soul and body. Meditation is a self-healing process.


Thanks for reading…