Imagine the full day of enjoyments, regular long vacations, joyful life and many more after retirement. How you think about it, is it possible? YES, its possible with some early plannings you can make it. It sounds impossible but, these days its common, everybody is planning for their future, your friends, colleagues, relatives everyone. Nobody tells you what they are doing because no one wants to ruin their old age days.

The only thing which will make you all these above-mentioned things is money, which you have to save, plan and invest for your future. This is the only thing which will fulfill your future days. If you have money for you than you can’t be stressful, you make yourself healthy and you can live like a wealthy person.Now time to discuss save for retirement now by 3 ways:

Work Hard 

Working hard is good for health and for future too.  Hard working means, working for a longer time and more productive working which gives you higher returns which helps you to save more. As we know that almost everybody gets retired in the 60s but we also have seen many people who don’t retire it’s not because they don’t want to, everybody wants retirement but they are not having resources and savings which help them in their old age time. 
In every country standard of working is 8hrs. Have you heard about overtime, means working for more few hours after whole working day just for some more bucks.  These extra working hours will give you more to save more which helps you to increase your saving. Its a good way in your young age or as you like to do.
If you are not able to do overtime at your workplace, do some freelance work in other place or do online according to your skills. Researchers show that sometimes freelancing and work which a person with interest will give more returns than regular job/work.

Save More

If someone saves less for future will sometimes hit them in future because everything goes higher in terms of price hike and expectations also increase according to time. That why I have said about working hard above, so you can save more and enjoy more after your retirement. It’s not only for your retirement if you think you have earned enough for your life you can take retirement whenever you want it is in your hand, make yourself capable.
Saving is not enough, think about future, cost of living in future. As we all know resources are reducing and price of everything will increase by time. You have plan your saving according to a financial planner and invest it in the right place so that it will give you highest returns at right time.In the early stage of your career if you understands the importance of saving then its the biggest achievement for you in future because steadily and slowly without having hassle you will easily save a lot then a person who starts saving after some long time when he thinks the time of retirement is near. If you start it early and put your money for compound interest, it gives you good return according to your time period. There are many more options available for the future market, pension plans, index funds for long period and mutual funds, you know better than me.Sometimes people start saving more to get them out from the risky dig of insecurity which will ruin their future plannings.This one thing will boost some of your earning, the good news is once you reach your 50s, hopefully, the kids are out of college, earnings are higher, and you increase your savings to meet your goal.
ExpectationsWhile doing hard work with such an organization or with government bodies, our expectations are high, I am talking about all countries, not about a particular country. We think that their pension plan will give us good returns or a good pension after retirement but they can’t, because they have their own increment criteria and other policies(vary company to company and country to country).Other private companies who sell pensions plans have their limitation according to them, they have simple policies according to me they will return you according to your deposits. Don’t expect high, use your own mind and do some research, which you find best for your savings.

I hope these 3 things will help you in planning your retirement plan.

Thanks for reading…