Obesity is the biggest problem everywhere in the world. Today I will tell you some simple things which you have to apply in your daily routine to eliminate this silly question from your diary: How to lose weight without diet or pills- naturally. I think this is the most searched question on the internet in different ways. Somebody is selling pills, someone is selling the course, someone suggests you take steroids etc. etc. But, I think this post will really gonna help you to get rid of obesity.

Whether you are living in a developed country or in an underdeveloped country. Actually, why I have said country because there is a lot of difference in their food culture, atmosphere, working habits and many other things which affect your eating habits.

Tell me one thing what is the process of taking treatment in this world:

  • Visit doctor
  • Tell him problem
  • He will suggest you some test
  • Analyse reports
  • Prescribe you medication
  • Also, tell you to do’s & don’ts

Just like this process, you have to prepare a checklist of yourself, its simple: Write

  • Eating habits
  • Kind of food you eat
  • Workout habits
  • Drinking habits
  • Smoking habits
  • What you like most about eating
  • Which is your best drink

That’s it, I think it’s enough for you to tell yourself and it will also help you in making a good plan for you:

Let’s start, Now it’s my turn write what I am telling you below your matter.

Things which you have to add more to your daily diet:

  • Fruits
  • Dry Fruits
  • Green leafy vegetable
  • Brown bread
  • Brown rice
  • Extra virgin olive oil or rice bran oil
  • Fish (If you are not-veggie)
  • Skimmed milk
  • Eggs
  • Low-fat cheese (For one day in a week)

I think it’s enough for you to make a daily diet for 6 to 12 months. In these 6-12 months, you also feel good, energetic and cool. If you follow this food you will definitely achieve your goal.

Now time to tell you the secret about this plan, In this whole process you have to eliminate some things from your diet, which are:

  • Oily food
  • Potatoes
  • White rice
  • Cold drinks
  • Alcohols
  • Sugar
  • Chocolates
  • Smoking
  • Sugar things
  • High-fat flash & meat
  • Dairy products (excluded above mentioned)
  • All-purpose made things like white bread, pizza, burger
  • Things which you think its bad for your health (not from my recommended things)

Do some exercise on regular basis, get up early in the morning, ride cycle. Include these things in your daily routine.

Here is a surprising thing for you to add to your diet or in your routine:

  • Drink one time in a month in a small amount.
  • Smoke once in a week if you think it’s not easy to leave.
  • Eat Pizza, Burger, Oily food whichever you want, one’s in a month.

If you are not that much obese then you can take these things two times in a month. These three things, I think must require in the above mentioned strict diet.

These things are most important as all of you think, and there is 99% possibility in every diet plan to be broken to follow without these.

I know you are very much conscious about your health and you will not break your diet because you don’t want to search again this silly topic on the internet that: How to lose weight without diet or pills- naturally.

Thanks for reading,

I think this plan will really help you and after some time you will come again here and share your experiences with our readers.

It takes time but it will really work for everybody and slowly steadily you will win. No other thing will help you to reduce weight naturally.