Everyday Bad Habits

Habits are good, but these days we opting wrong habits which are bad for our health. In this, we will discuss 6 everyday habits that are ruining your health – secretly because these habits are bad for our health. Many studies showed that some everyday habits which we opted in wrong way ruin your health. A reputed MD otolaryngologist Dr. Sanchayeeta Mitra said that “When a sneeze is held in, the pressure is still generated but not released, When that happens, the pressure can back up, to the back of the nose, sometimes through the mouth and throat or the chest.” When the pressure travels through the nasal passages to the ears, it can lead to the eardrum or inner ear damage. “Having the pressure back up can also cause other injuries with ruptured blood vessels in an area such as the chest, throat, eyes, or brain”. Sometimes it is good to turn your face into your shoulder and just let the sneeze out.


Eating out a lot

Eating out is a fashion these days, 90% people’s all around the world think that outside food or processed food is more tasty, good for health and saves time(cooking). But they don’t think these outsider foods are taking toxic chemicals which are harmful to health. Because most people who eat out prefer fast foods which are oily and having high-fat content, these are the main absorbers of toxic chemicals which harm our health. Almost all packaging materials such as fast food wrappers and pizza boxes, food processing equipment, and latex gloves used by food workers can all add to the addition of phthalates exposure through food. Prepare your meal at home with fresh, rich, and healthy ingredients.


Bedtime eating

Bedtime eating doesn’t increase your waistline but eating regularly at bedtime can give you a bad case of acid reflux and disrupt your slumber. “There are many things that can trigger GERD [gastroesophageal reflux disease] symptoms. Eating too much at bedtime isn’t good for health. Doctor’s and Dieticians always advice to eat 3-4 hours before bedtime because it can easily digest the food and gives you a healthy sleep. Lying down with a full stomach due to less time between eating and bedtime will increase your chances of having GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). We all know that doing work late night tends you to eat near bedtime but think about your health if you would not live healthy how you will do work.


Not washing your face before bed or after a workout

This is a common mistake which turns into a habit of most people who do it every day. Washing your face before bed means washing your whole day off your skin, including makeup, pollution, and dirt which comes from whole day schedule. It is more important if you travel or go outside for job or work because pollutants come and stick to your skin to make it rough and dirty.

If you are doing a workout in morning or in evening, you have to wash your face and hands after every workout session because sometimes you touch the equipment, floor and your feet which are dealing with lots of germs. And those germs stick to your hands and face. Sweating also affects your skin because it allows germs to easily stick on your skin. Because of these reasons it is must, wash your hands and face before bed and after your workout.


Keeping your wallet in your back pocket

Sitting while you are having your wallet in your back pocket irritates nerves in the lower back and legs and make them feel abnormal. It also unbalances your buttocks, which can trigger low back pain, hip pain and upper back pain or in shoulders. This condition is known as fat wallet syndrome. This will also cause your spine and damage it if you regularly use your pocket.

Addicted to your smartphone

This will become worlds biggest problem in few days if we can’t aware of its bad effects. These days kids or old age everybody is very much addicted to Smartphone which is working as drugs. If somebody said to leave a mobile for one day he/she can’t imagine the day without the mobile. It is a truth that people are using mobile while driving, cooking, eating, and even in the washrooms. Everybody busy while doing nothing. Fewer days back mobiles are used for messaging, calls and listening music but these days smartphones are used for everything shopping, watching tv, surfing the internet and for other purposes too. And research shows that people are feeling loneliness due smartphone, people’s are too busy surfing mobile in their spare time instead of talking to others or meeting others. People’s are coming near due to the online using internet but going far physically. These mobiles are also effecting out mental abilities, eyes, and backbones because of too much unnecessary use. It is also making you lazy because you don’t want to see the world by going outside, you want to see by laying on the bed on a small screen.


Holding in farts

Holding in farts are not good for your health, passing gas is one of the normal habits that are really healthy. Because holding it makes you and your tummy uncomfortable. If you hold farts they may cause your indigestion, heartburn, bloating and may increase your blood pressure or heart rate. It is good to walk after having your meal which helps you to digest it. Chew slowly to reduce the air in your stomach and also avoid gas production foods which make gas. If your stomach is producing excessive gas then it is recommended to visit and gastrologist because sometimes irregular stools or too much gas cause irritable bowel syndrome. To avoid this disease change your farting habit and release it.

Thanks for reading…